Hi all, Recently played and reviewed Wargroove for PC. It’s a game that very clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Advance Wars, but has a few changes to spice up the formula. While not a definitive replacement for Nintendo’s tactics game, it does do enough new things for fans of Advance Wars to check it out. […]

Slay the Spire

Hi All, It’s a two for one month. Just finished reviewing Slay the Spire over on Viewport. It’s a rogue-like, deck building hybrid that manages to marry prominent mechanics from both game types wonderfully. I really enjoyed playing it and foresee myself continuing to play it daily despite finishing my review. If that seems like […]

Overcooked 2

Hi All, A little late on posting this over here, but I recently reviewed Overcooked 2 over on Viewport. It’s a fun co-op game and well worth a look if you have friends or family you’d like to share gaming experience with thanks to the simple control scheme. It can also make for an excellent co-op […]

My Bottom Five Games of 2018

While I had what I’d call a net positive year, there were still games I played to completion that I did not care for, thus here are my five least favourite of 2018. The rules are the same as my top five: only games I played for the first time this year are eligible. Being […]

My Top Five Games of 2018

It’s been a long year. I finished my first full year of writing this past September and transitioned into a new job back in April. It wasn’t just a busy year for me, it was also a busy year for games. Over the past calendar year I’ve played a number of different games and the […]

Tsioque [Offsite] [Review]

Hi All, Checkout my latest review of a game called Tsioque over on Viewport. I don’t play many point and click games, but I found this one fairly enjoyable. It’s not tremendously difficult, or long, but worth a look if you’re into that sorta thing. It can also be a nice change of pace if […]

CrossCode [Offsite] [Review]

Hi All, Checkout my latest review of a game called CrossCode over on Viewport. It’s a more story focused ARPG, and a fun one at that. The combat, characters, and puzzles all meld together for a fun experience, despite some problems I had with the quest design. For my full opinion give the review a […]